Things To Do In New York City For Every Girl In Their Twenties!

DSC01797 - Version 4

As a young girl there are many things in the city to keep you busy! You don’t have to be a city chic to love the city.

Check out five  great things NYC has to offer:

1. Colombia University: Perfect for you University/College students out there! The campus is so amazing, it is worth just walking around and enjoying the buildings.

2. Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan: This cute little area has some great shopping streets, as well as cute cafes and houses to admire. If you enjoy ‘Friends’, the apartment exterior is here! So is the cupcake shop in ‘Sex and the City’.

3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn: This cute, gentrified suburb of Brooklyn is very hip. An awesome organic chocolate store, art library and clothing stores are located here!

4. The Lion King: I am sure everyone has heard about how unique and special this show is, especially for all those Disney fans! Need I say more?

5. Macy’s, 34th Street: World’s biggest Macy’s store means one word: Shopping.

Guess where you’ll be planning your next trip…


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