Fashion Icons of Generation Y

Here are some lady fashion icons that I absolutely love:

Lupita Nyong’o is simply stunning! She is best known for her red carpet gowns. By far the most beautiful actor in Hollywood:
lupita-nyong(Photo credit:

 Vanessa Hudgens embraces such an unique style. It is not too often that you see celebrities wearing something so unique:

vanessa-hudgens-hangs-loose-at-coachella-201402(Photo credit:

Shay Mitchell…What more can I say? One thing I love about Shay is that she promotes having a healthy lifestyle and always keeping fit. You should check her Instagram out, but for now here is a photo of her on the red carpet wearing an adorable skirt and top:
416e940f47ceb993f6c876b028412cdd  (Photo credit:

Gigi Hadid is young and gorgeous. Most of the time when Gigi is out and about she does not wear a lot of make-up, if any, which is great to see:
gigi-hadid-2014-angel-ball-in-new-york-city_1(Photo credit:

Kendall Jenner has a simple, yet cute style! Perfect for also being a young celebrity, like Gigi. I am sure every girl out there would love to have Kendall’s legs:
k5(Photo credit:

So what do you think, girls?! Who is your favourite fashion icon?

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  1. Vanessa Hudgens and Kenall are my personal favs. Women/girls that I believe are younger than me! lol

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