Perks of Drawing

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Drawing…most believe this should be confined to the artists of the world, however there are many benefits to drawing:

Stress reliever. Drawing is a HUGE stress reliever. Release all your feelings in a sketch on your page or draw things that make you happy. By doing this, you forget about all the worries in your life, even if it is just for a moment.

You become more aware. Drawing allows you to become more observant in life and the things you do. It will help you live in the moment and notice all the little things. Sometimes, these little things can make your day just that little bit brighter!

Enhances your creativity. Who doesn’t want to be more creative?! Whether it is for your job/business, your children, maybe even for renovating your home…extra creativity can enhance many areas of your life.

I like to draw every time I am feeling anxious or stressed; it takes my mind off of everything around me. I also draw for enjoyment and self-accomplishemt.
You should try it out too 🙂


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