Improves your strength, flexibility and balance: Unlike most gym exercise, yoga improves your strength, flexibility and balance all in one session! In addition to this, there is no need to work out twice a day in order to improve the strength of each different muscle group – your body weight strengthens them all!

No competition involved:  Just you and your mat. No more comparing yourself to anybody else; yoga is something that you do for yourself and at your own level.

Breath control: In addition to strength, flexibility and balance, yoga helps teach your body breath control and the power of focusing on your breath. When you are in a tough yoga position, by focusing on your breath and keeping your breathing constant, you begin to focus your thoughts on a stable point.

Mental wellness: If you struggle with stress or anxiety, yoga is the activity for you. Yoga brings you into the now, and allows you to focus on your being in the present moment. It also helps you relax!

Improves your lifestyle: By doing yoga, your body naturally wants your to live a healthy lifestyle. You will find the motivation to sleep enough each night, to eat healthy and you will approach life with a whole new refreshing attitude 🙂

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  1. Funny thing about yoga and mental illness…. You’re right it helps and I know It does but it’s still next to near impossible for me to get there 😦


    1. Only Yellow says:

      Keep at it! I have been practicing mindfulness through meditation and yoga for about 8months now, however it has only been the last 3 months that I practiced it daily, and I am only just starting to see results now 😊

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