5 Things to Be Thankful For this Thanksgiving

Of course, there are major things to be thankful for each year, like family, friends and a home to live in, but there are also small things each day that tend to go un-noticed by most. In saying that, here are some small bursts of brightness:

  1. The beauty outside your window: such a beautiful time of year; white snow covering the ground and tree tops, and the Christmas lights bringing a sense of community at this festive time…a winter wonderland awaits.
  2. Exercise: be grateful to be able to have the choice to run, lift weights and to do something for yourself.
  3. Joy: not the kind of joy that is brought to you by your partner, your friends or your family, but the joy that comes from watching squirrels collect their final acorns for the year, watching children learn or listening to your favourite song.
  4. The 20-minutes you have each morning to sit and drink your cup of tea: a quiet moment to sit, relax and take time for your body to wake for a brand new day.
  5. To be able to smile: what more can you ask for than happiness?


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