My Favourite Body Shop Products


A Beautician once told me that it is important to use products that are close to being 100% natural. It makes sense though, doesn’t it? Every day we put moisturizers, makeup and lotions onto our skin, which depending on the product, can be full of chemicals; layers and layers of chemicals are lathered onto our skin every day.

The Body Shop’s products as made to be as close to 100% natural as they can be, which is why The Body Shop is a great choice in terms of beauty products 🙂 Here are my four favourite products:

  1. Vitamin E Aqua Boost

    I use the Vitamin E Aqua Boost twice a day as my daily moisturizer. I love using the product; it helps make my face feel fresh throughout the day!

  2. Blue Corn Face Mask
    I only use the Blue Corn Face Mask once every 1-2weeks. This face mask is especially good, as it deep cleanses your face.
  3. Wild Rose Hand Cream
    The scent was what drew me to this hand cream…and the pink design 🙂
  4. Tea Tree BB Cream

    I LOVE the BB cream! I use it every day instead of foundation. It is perfect; looks natural, yet still covers my blemishes!

Funnily enough, my sister and I currently live half way across the world and we both use the same Vitamin E cream and face mask 🙂

Great minds must think alike x


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