Kikki K

If you’re a total girly-girl, organisational freak just like me, I’m sure you’re obsessed with Kikki K. Majority of my life is spent writing in planners, calendars, diaries, to-do lists, etc., etc. Safe to say that I have done my fair share of organisational brand research.
Verdict: Kikki K definitely comes out on top!
Here are some new favourites:

1. Sweet Wall Calendar ($16.95)


PS: I totally have this hanging next to my desk at work. Super cute!

2. Sweet Notebooks ($14.95)


If you can’t already tell – I love the ‘Sweet’ theme that Kikki K has released 🙂

3. Christmas Organiser ($16.95)


Okay so, Christmas is just around the corner and so you best be getting organised! If you’re not of the plan-ahead type this should help you out.

4. Christmas Paper Lovers Book ($29.95)


I also love Christmas, incase you also missed that fact, and I already have this book. Best. Thing. Ever. A mix of wrapping paper, envelopes and homemade ornaments.

What is your favourite?



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