Anyone who knows me, knows that I am super organised. Quite often too organised; so much so that sometimes I find it hard to budge from my schedule.
The positive: I am a professional organiser.

There are a few essential items to an achieve an A+:

  • Kikki K Planner
  • Apple products (or any electronic devices that synchronise well together)
  • Notepads
  • Pretty pens
  • Creativity

A few years ago Mum and Dad brought me my first Kikki K planner and I have had it ever since. That same Christmas, Claudia got one too. WE love them. You can decorate them up or down as much as you like. Although I keep all my information electronically, I still have a paper planner, as I love scrapbooking and writing things down. For my American readers, Kikki K is a Swedish brand that is popular in Australia.

My planner lives on my bedroom cabinet, so when I am getting ready for the day I can look over what I have planned πŸ™‚


On my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhones (personal and work) I use Notes, Reminders, Calendar and two different email applications – one for my personal emails and the other for my work emails.

My family and I share calendars; we have a family one for all of us to see and add to. Claudia and I also share our individual calendars with each other, plus Mum and Dad. This makes is easy for us to know when we are free for phone calls and visits.

Tom and I also have a shared calendar; quite often I forget to let Tom know when I have organised for us to go on double dates or to go down South. This way, he always knows what is going on.


I love Apple products so much, because if all your devices are Apple, they synchronise so well using iCloud. I can access what is on my Mac desktop on my iPhone if I am out and about.

If you’re like me and find joy in staying organised, I highly recommend taking the time each day to make the process fun by pretty-ing it up. This way, you will never miss an appointment.

See, even Indi loves Kikki K xx


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  1. zoenina says:

    I really love this post – I’m such a psycho when it comes to organising that I totally empathise with you here! Check me out if you have a moment πŸ™‚ xx

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